A Gleaming Path Excerpt – Those Who Call The Ocean Home

Earlier this year, The Legend of Light kicked off its adventure with the opening volume, The Echoes of Light. This is a young adult, high fantasy trilogy that any fan of such series like The Legend of Zelda, Shannara, Earthsea, and The Chronicles of Narnia should enjoy, one filled with magic, myths, monsters, and loads of action.

A reawakened terror swept across the kingdom of Tordale in Book One, forcing our heroes like the young swordsman, Alamor, and the princess of the kingdom, Raissa Hokara, into action. After obtaining the sacred vessel of magic known as the Radia of Gallantry, Alamor, Raissa, and their companions still have a long journey ahead of them, one which will take them across the oceans surrounding Tordale, and into the perilous desert, the Arid Reaches. Both Alamor and Raissa will continue to develop their understanding of the supreme power they wield, while facing some of Tordale’s bloodiest secrets.

We’re hoping to release Book Two, A Gleaming Path, before the end of the year. Until then, here’s an excerpt from the middle volume, where some of our heroes find themselves in a strange, majestic location, and encounter a race of intelligent creatures who call the oceans home.

* * * * *

Alamor’s eyes slowly opened. When his vision cleared, it revealed a moist, glistening ceiling high above. He sat up, a sharp jolt shooting all throughout his sore limbs. He gently stretched his arms to alleviate some of the stiffness that clung to his muscles, and it was then that he realized he wasn’t wearing any of his armor, or even his cape. His sword and shield were also nowhere to be found.

He glanced about his surroundings. He lay within what looked to be a yawning room hewn entirely out of greenish rock, like a deep cleft in the side of a mountain. The green rock was the color of jade, with veins of brightly-colored sediment running over its makeup.

He was not alone. Tiroku, Rawner, Hinton, and Pauma all lay on the moist floor around him, each of them sound asleep. Just like Alamor, Tiroku and Rawner were also missing their armor; they were only garbed by the tunics and leggings they normally wore underneath. Their weapons were also absent, as was Hinton’s large satchel containing his blast orbs.

Alamor felt a cool mist caress his face. He looked ahead to the space’s opening, which revealed a fantastic view of the blue ocean and the afternoon sky. He stood and slowly began to make his way to the edge, his legs gradually remembering their old strength.

He eventually came to an overhang, and saw that the ground dropped away into a jagged incline down to the water, where it met with the ocean’s rhythmic waves that sent clouds of spray hurtling skyward. To his sides, Alamor saw that the land ran off over the ocean, forming into thick, rocky masses. The terrain sported nearly every color in the rainbow as it rose from the water, its vibrant surface spangling from the constant surfs that struck its sides and doused it with mist.

Where are we? Alamor wondered.

He spotted a narrow pathway that ran from the edge of the overhang further down into the landmass. He entertained the idea of following it, but he heard someone behind him groan, and he recognized that it was Rawner’s voice almost immediately. Alamor looked back and saw the man slowly sit up.

“Am I actually alive, or did I make it to the heavens after all of that?” Rawner asked, although he seemed to be wondering aloud more so than asking someone in particular.

“Nope, it looks like we somehow survived the night,” Alamor answered as he went to join Rawner, kneeling before his good friend. “Don’t ask me how, though.”

Rawner blinked rapidly to reclaim his vision. When he did, his brow furrowed, and his eyes fell up and down his huge frame. “And what happened to my armor?” He glanced up at Alamor. “Or yours, for that matter?”

Alamor shrugged. “Don’t ask me that, either.”

Nearby, Hinton and Pauma began to stir. Tiroku also began to come awake, although the Champion of Light was not the least bit groggy, while the Bachus appeared just as weary and sore as Alamor and Rawner had been.

“What in stone and soil’s name happened to us last night?” Hinton asked through a great yawn, and shook his fur dry.

Pauma also shook free the remaining moisture that was in her fur. Afterward, her face bent into a grimace of pain. “Yikes! It feels like we fell down a mountainside. I tell you, this is a worse wakeup than from some of our wildest feasts back at the Bachu Caverns.”

Tiroku lifted himself to his feet with hardly any struggle. “Are all of you okay aside from some soreness?” the Champion of Light asked, casually brushing dirt and dust off his arms.

Rawner also stood for the first time, although it did not come as easy to the big man as it did for Tiroku. “I’ll be fine after a few minutes. I just need to let the old body come back to life.” As Rawner bent from side to side to get some movement going through his body, he looked about the opening they stood in.  “More than anything, I’d like to know how in the world we ever got here.”

Alamor also wondered the same, but there was an even greater concern on his mind. “Or better yet, what this place is.”

An unfamiliar voice broke in no more than a moment after Alamor finished expressing his thought. “Onda Reef,” it said.

Everyone’s eyes shot to the edge of the overhang, where a creature stood next to the pathway. It looked like a lizard, but was man-sized, and it stood on its hind legs with its arms crossed. It wore a smooth, leathery hide of dark blue scales, while its underbelly was cyan, white around the edges. A long tail fell behind its body, the whip-like appendage occasionally writhing as the creature stood. A smooth, narrow head watched the group with an intelligent look in its eyes and smile.

Hinton nearly jumped when he first looked upon it. “What is that thing!?” the Bachu exclaimed.

Tiroku approached it without any hesitation. “He is an Onda,” the Champion of Light answered.


Next except coming in October.

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