The Legend of Light

The Legend of Light is my first published work—a high fantasy trilogy being released in collaboration with The Geekiverse. Fans of such franchises like The Legend of Zelda, The Chronicles of Narnia, Shannara, and Earthsea should find plenty to enjoy in this young adult series.

Princess Raissa Hokara – by artist Nino Vecia

The story takes readers to the kingdom of Tordale, a land filled with myths, monsters, and magic. No form of magic is mightier than Serenity, which dwells in the souls of all humans, and can be used to heal, protect, and enlighten. With it, the ancient heroes Ralu and Xogun were able to save Tordale from the catastrophe known only as Scourge, which rampaged across the land in an ancient era. During her dying moments, Ralu foretold the destiny of future heroes who would assume the sacred powers which she and Xogun left behind in the world of the living—the Radia, the vessels of their incomparable Serenity.

After seven hundred years, Scourge has returned, taking on a new, deadlier form that threatens to shroud all of Tordale in darkness. Where so many fall before the calamity, it is a young swordsman, Alamor, and a young princess, Raissa Hokara, who may offer the only hope of saving their world from annihilation and fulfilling the prophecy that the people of Tordale call the Legend of Light—

When Scourge reawakens and casts its shadow over the land 
The Echoes of Light shall rise, challenging it with purest magic in hand 
Proving their will, faith, and truth in the world’s darkest hour 
A Gleaming Path shall lead them to Tordale’s inexorable power 
Guided by valor and mercy to thwart all that is malice and hate 
They who wield the light shall usher in a Radiant Fate

The complete trilogy is available on Amazon. You can get the books as print copies, or on all Kindle devices. To give readers a sneak peek at the story, The Geekiverse has posted several chapters from the books on their website, which can all be found below. In addition, I have posted a handful of exclusive excerpts here on this site.


Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5


Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4| Chapter 5


Wraithlings, The Pawns of Scourge

Alamor Duels A Strife Wing

The Beloved Princess

A Malevolent Magic

Panthers of Tordale


Those Who Call the Ocean Home

A Night in the Arid Reaches


In the Company of the Rockclaw Tribe

A Maddened Beast Lashes Out


And here are just a few of the many characters you’ll meet in this story –

Alamor – the main character in The Legend of Light. He is a magnificent swordsman who once trained to serve in the Royal Guard called the King’s Fangs. He also possesses an innate magical ability, but he just can’t seem to unlock it.


Princess Raissa Hokara – following the sudden death of her father, King Aurilion Hokara, Raissa is thrust unexpectedly into a position of power she is not ready for, but must accept, nonetheless.


Baldaron – the main antagonist, and a man who has mastered control over the deadly, malevolent form of magic called Scourge.


Hinton (left) and Pauma (right) – members of the Bachus, a race of mammalian creatures who live in the network of tunnels and caverns beneath Sleekleaf Forest.


Samuras – The Queen of the Ocean. A titanic monster who roams the waters surrounding Tordale, protecting the natural order of the world.

To learn more about the world of Tordale, follow The Legend of Light’s official Facebook page, where you can get updates on the next books, see original artwork, read excerpts, and get all other sorts of behind the scenes details on the series.