Short Fiction

I definitely have a preference for writing longer stories, but I also have a fondness for short fiction. In the years leading up to when I began writing my first few novels, I worked on several short stories to improve my craft and nab some publishing credits. The stories listed below are ones I’ve had accepted by various small print outlets across the web. Some can be read online, others are only available for purchase in print or download.



The very first piece of fiction I ever had published. I wrote in the Spring of 2009, and it was only published in December of 2011. It’s a fairly basic sword and sorcery tale set in Ancient Egypt, which I had intended to start a series of short stories ala Conan the Barbarian, but I dove into too many other projects to see that happen. Pulp Empire chose to add the story in one of its anthologies, which can be purchased in either print or ebook from



This is a very short (3 pages) piece I churned out one quiet weekend back in Spring of 2011 when I thought I’d have a go at writing a story about mixed martial arts. The story is just a fight; no character development, no intricate plot, just something quick and exciting. It’s available as a Kindle downloand in the second issue of “Tales of High Adventure” published by



Probably my favorite of all my short stories, this is a story of a young mixed martial arts fighter who has to fight in a tournament in order to make it into the big leagues of the sport. I’m a huge fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, so this very enjoyable for me to write. It was printed in the Modern Pulp Heroes anthology by Pulp Empire, which can be purchased either in paperback or ebook format.



An anthropomophic tale about a group of sled dogs up in Alaska who are suddenly purchased one day by a young man looking to strike it rich in the northern frontier. During a long, arduous trek across the frozen countryside, the dogs must decide if they can trust their new owner, who only seems to be concerned with claiming money. This is an audio story on the Anthropomorphic Dreams podcast.


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