One more for good measure

If you’ve kept tabs around here while I’ve posted excerpts from my upcoming book Echoes of Light, you’ve seen three snippets that center around very different subject matter from one another. The first was an action sequence; a duel between the main character, Alamor, and a winged monster. The second was a showcase of the story’s villain, namely his overwhelming power and evil. The third was a look into the life and culture of the one of the unique races I created which populate the world that the story takes place in.

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Giant Implications

If you follow me on social media, you probably knew I was really excited for the new Godzilla movie that came out a few weeks ago, because since the first trailer was revealed in December all the way up to its May release, I couldn’t shut up about the movie. I lost track of how many tweets and statuses I posted acting like an excited little kid anticipating Christmas morning, or how many times I flaunted a world premier trailer like I was an honor guard for Godzilla or something.

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