About Jeffrey


So, I’m Jeff. Jeffrey Pawlak, if you want to go by the name I use on most of my published work. This blog is just a little thing I keep tabs on to reveal experiences and thoughts as I go about my pursuit as a successful writer. Most of what I post here relates to my fiction writing, specifically my young adult, high fantasy trilogy, The Legend of Light (Book One releasing in May 2018), but I’ll also also drop by to express some thoughts on whatever interests me, whether it’s connected to my writing or not.

As a writer, I’m always looking for new ideas and for other works of media to inspire me, so I spend plenty of my spare time reading, watching movies and playing lots of video games. I’m a complete action/adventure buff, no matter the genre – fantasy, scif-fi, historical, you name it. That translates to my own fiction creations, just about all of which feature some journey where there’s a diverse set of characters, exciting conflicts, and out-of-this-world locations.

Often, you’ll find that I somehow work in a mention of the The Legend of Zelda, or Godzilla. Those are my two favorite franchises in any kind of entertainment media ever. If there’s anything that I can say influences my work, or I’m just plain obsessed with, it’s one of them.

I’m 27 years old, proudly born and still living in Buffalo, New York. I’ve grown up in this great city, even staying home for my college years. I graduated from Buffalo State College with my degree in Journalism. My love of writing goes well beyond fiction; I’ve spent several years as a freelance journalist covering video games, specifically The Legend of Zelda and everything else about the company Nintendo. Currently, I cover my hometown NHL team, the Buffalo Sabres, for the website BuffaloHockeyCentral.com

I’m lucky enough to have a press credential with the team, which allows me to attend games in the press box, interview players in the locker room, and sit in on any press conferences done by the organization.

I also contribute to a website called The Geekiverse, which is dedicated to covering all mediums of entertainment: movies, television, video games, comics, literature, you name it. You’ll find me making regular appearances on their audio podcasts, as well as their recorded segments which are posted to The Geekiverse YouTube page. My written coverage is usually for Nintendo video games, animation, professional wrestling, and anything giant-monster related.

If you ever have a comment or question, find me on Twitter and give me a follow @JeffreyPavs


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