The Luminous Legend Excerpt – The Queen of the Ocean


If you’ve visited this website in the past, you probably saw a very different banner from what I’ve got now sitting at the top. That beautiful piece of artwork depicts the main character from my upcoming book, The Luminous Legend, who’s name is Alamor. I was lucky enough to commission a piece from an incredible young artist named Pam Hage, which will now serve as the artwork for the cover the book. As we get closer to the release of the book, I plan to put a full write-up here on this website that details the process Pam and I went through conceptualizing the art, including some of the early sketches that she did.

The real exciting part is that may not be long of a wait; I’m happy to say that the finish line is in sight, and I expect to complete the book within the next couple of months. I think it’s fair to say that a summer release is extremely likely, at this point. So, with that said, I’d say  it’s time to drop another excerpt from the book here.

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Short Story – “The Cross in the Snow”

Today is technically the first day of Spring, but it’s still a little chilly outside, so it’s probably best to post this story before it gets any warmer out there. After all, this tale is set all the way up north not too far from the Klondike, featuring a team of sled dogs who go on a late-night adventure through the snowy, frozen Alaskan countryside. This is an anthropomorphic story, which means that, just like in Bambi, or Balto, the dogs (among other animals) in this story think and talk just as humans would.

I’ve always had a soft-spot for the anthropomorphic genre, probably because of my fondness and great interest in animals. This story, along with its companion, and one of my earliest-published short stories, “Far From the Cold”, are two of my favorites that I’ve written. I originally came up with a host of different short story ideas for this same group of sled dogs and their owner, along with a concept or two for full-length novels. I’ve promised myself that, at some point in my life, I’m going to return to these ideas and write up all the adventures that I’ve dreamed up for these hounds.

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Short Story – “Sacrifice”

If you have a few minutes to spare, I’ve got a story that I think will leave you with a bit of a chill. I’m honestly not sure how to classify this one; it has elements of high fantasy in it, but it’s definitely too grim to quite fit into that category. Dark fantasy, perhaps? Maybe it crosses all the way into horror? If that’s the case, it includes some of my favorite horror elements; the paranormal, and a remote, primitive jungle setting.

This a quick read; the story finishes at around 3,200 words. Here’s to hoping it’s a creepy one for as long as it lasts you.

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