Landmarks In The Kingdom Of Tordale

We’re still aiming to release Book Two of The Legend of Light, A Gleaming Path, before the end of the year. As we get closer to that anticipated publication, I have plenty of excerpts and other articles in the works that give readers a deeper look into the story and the world it all takes place in.

While excerpts from the book will be found exclusively on this page, my publishing partner, The Geekiverse, is where you’ll find the feature editorial pieces. Earlier this week, they posted one that’s a sort of travel guide to the kingdom of Tordale, the setting for The Legend of Light. Complete with images from the series’ official map and detailed descriptions of some of the most important cities, temples, and other landmarks, it’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the many locations that the characters visit.

Head over to to read it, and check back for all of the other previews and articles we’ll have up over the next few weeks.

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