Interview with Armand Baltazar: Author of Timeless – Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic

I’ve interviewed my fair share of authors, artists, athletes, professional wrestlers, and actors throughout the years, but this was a special one for me. I read Timeless – Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic earlier this year and simply adored it, so much so that I can comfortably say it’s my favorite book that I’ve read in many years. The host of vivid, detailed illustrations that gave us looks into the story’s unique world of fantasy, scifi, and steampunk elements helped make it one of the most unique artistic endeavors that I’ve ever enjoyed.

To be able to interview its author, Armand Baltazar, was nothing short of an honor. Just getting a glimpse into the creative process that brought the story to life felt like a privilege. Armand is not only a great storyteller, but an incredible artist, as well — that’s how he became a Senior Designer at Pixar, after all.

Head over to The to read my whole conversation with him, including topics like his prolific animation career, how Timeless came to be, and what he’s up to now since the book released to universal acclaim.

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