New editorials, excerpts, and more


I made a few minor updates to the various pages on the site here. My free time has definitely opened up dramatically since completing work on The Legend of Light trilogy. I must thank everyone, again, for their support as I wrote that series. I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful fans who have read the books and immersed themselves in the world of Tordale.

The main page for The Legend of Light books is just about complete now that the trilogy is finished. Over there you’ll find a guide to the story, every excerpt posted on the web (both here and with The Geekiverse), and some of the artwork for the series. I still have some essays planned that recount my methods to writing the story and how that fictional world came together, so keep an eye out for those.

I also added a few new pieces over on the Nonfiction page, where I’ve compiled many of my written works covering pop culture, particularly for movies and video games. Added today was a Top 20 list of the best Legend of Zelda dungeons, an editorial exploring how The Legend of Zelda series is finally branching out to multimedia products, and an article that celebrates the Fire Emblem series’ 30th anniversary.

As I take a nice break from writing fiction, I expect to do plenty of work writing for Zelda Universe and recording podcasts with The Geekiverse, so those pages will be updated with new additions regularly.

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