The Echoes of Light – OUT NOW

At long last, the opening volume to The Legend of Light is available for the world to read.

The Echoes of Light launched in collaboration with The Geekiverse this May. We debuted the book at Nickel City Con 2018 right here in Buffalo, New York, where we sold every signed copy that we brought with us.

The book is now available on Amazon in paperback and on all Kindle devices. For those who are new to the page, I started a section here on this site to help get you up to speed on the series. At the top, you’ll see a tab for The Legend of Light, which will direct you to a concise guide for the trilogy, complete with the first five chapters to The Echoes of Light, other excerpts, as well as artwork of various characters in the story.

Book 2, A Gleaming Path, is currently being worked on, and is targeted for a November release date this year. In addition to this website, you can keep tabs on the series by following The Legend of Light’s Facebook page, where you’ll find previews, updates, behind the scenes details, and artwork for the books. You can also find the series on Instagram.




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