A Busy Start to 2017

February’s not even over with, yet, but it’s been a busy and productive first couple of weeks to start this year. I’ve completed a rough draft of the third and final book in The Luminous Legend trilogy, although I have to admit that I’m still cleaning it up, and likely will be for a few more weeks. I’m also returning to the first book in the series to begin revisions for its re-release, which I will have concrete details to announce in the next couple of months.

Working on a trilogy is a heavy load in and of itself. That’s why I’m thankful that I’ve been able to still continue my work with Buffalo Hockey Central, and The Geekiverse. I’ve put together several different pieces for both websites since the start of 2017, and I’ve even got something in the works for my old friends at Zelda Universe.

At The Geekiverse, I stayed up late following the world premier of the Nintendo Switch on January 13th and immediately went to work analyzing the information that presented to us about their new system. My reaction piece wasn’t just a simple recap or review; I looked at the hardware and software announced that night to piece together what the system’s identity will be going forward.

The Nintendo Switch – A Promising Oddity

I was very excited for Season 2 of Netflix/Dreamworks’ Voltron: Legendary Defender, so I provided appropriate coverage. Before the second reason released, I did a short piece presenting 5 pressing questions that I wanted to see addressed, and I just recently completed a review of this newest season.

The 5 Biggest Questions Ahead of Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2

Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2 Review

As the Buffalo Sabres rolls along, I continue to do occasional game recaps and provide live updates on our website’s active Facebook page. When we crossed the halfway point in the NHL regular season, I listed what I felt were the 5 best games played by the Sabres in the first half of the season. Most recently, I wrote a piece in response to a couple of comments made by Sabres superstar Jack Eichel following a home game where the crowd booed the team for poor performance. I wasn’t looking to rip Eichel to shreds, but more so speak to the dangers and futility that comes with criticizing the fans for vocal disapproval of their team.

Our Top Five Games at Halfway Point

A Dangerous Game

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