Back, and Ready for More

I knew it had been a while since I made an update here, but I don’t think I quite realized that it had been nearly seven months since the last time.


At least I’m pretty confident that I’ll be avoiding a hiatus like that for the foreseeable future. There have been lots of exciting developments with my debut trilogy of high-fantasy novels (tentatively titled The Luminous Legend). The brunt of those details will be saved for a post in the near future, but what I can say that the light’s at the end of the tunnel for me. I’m very close to finishing the first draft of the final book, which means that it will only be a few rounds of revisions that stand between the story and its debut in print. I’ve also had some incredible art drawn of various characters from the story, thanks to the efforts by some very talented artists who I’ve come in contact with in my visits to various comic cons. You can expect a few features coming up before the end of the year showcasing those illustrations, along with the progress that each piece went through as the artist drew them.

But before that, I’ve got several of my own works to plug. When I wasn’t working fastidiously on The Luminous Legend the past few months, I found the time to whip up several editorials. Most were with the pop culture website I contribute to, The Geekiverse, but with a new NHL season underway, I also wrote up a little something for my longtime Buffalo Sabres gig with Sabres Hockey Central.

Here’s a sampling of some things I’ve written recently if you’d like to take a look at any –

A review of Batman: The Killing Joke animated movie

A review of Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 1

A review of Shin Godzilla

Zelda Takes Your Breath Away— a detailed analysis of the footage and demos shown for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at E3 2016

No Room For Excuses— an opinion piece for Sabres Hockey Central where I explain why I believe expectations should still be high on the team even after losing key players to injury

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