Most Anticipated of 2021

Whether 2021 sees our world return to some semblance of normalcy, or it remains more of the same from the turbulent 2020, there is still a lot of entertainment I’m looking forward to in the next year. Maybe I still won’t be able to sit down in a movie theater, or go cheer on the Buffalo Bills at Bills Stadium for a game, but I’ll be happy just to have the opportunity to enjoy any of it, no matter how I have to experience it. Here is the movie, tv show, video game, comic book, novel, and sporting event I’m most excited for in 2021.

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The Influence of Kaiju, and Other Giant Monsters On The Legend of Light

I’ve been a giant monster fanboy for a very long time, just about all of my life. I can still can remember that day I was walking through a Toys R Us store as a three-year-old with my parents, and my eyes were eventually drawn to a VHS copy of King Kong vs. Godzilla. When I watched it with my family back home later that night, and we watched Godzilla’s introduction where he emerges triumphantly from an iceberg, it was love at first sight.

Something about that big, atomic fire breathing lizard just resonated with me as a youngster. Kong was pretty cool to me, too, as were so many of the other giant monsters I would go on to see in films and television, primarily those of the Japanese variety (Kaiju). They came in such a wide array of sizes, shapes, colors, abilities, and personalities, but all fearsome and awe inspiring in their own unique ways. I didn’t really follow superheroes or DC/Marvel comics until my high school years, so as a kid I didn’t have much interest in Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, or Wonder Woman―my heroes were Godzilla, Kong, Gamera, and Mothra.

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Most Anticipated of 2019

And then there’s the other tradition I love at the end of the year; what has me most excited for the coming year! I’ve been hyping it for months that 2019 will be an absolute homerun for movies, video games, and tv. It’s going to be jammed packed with awesome releases, too many to count for each category! Here’s what I’m most looking forward to in the coming year.

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Most Anticipated of 2015

The new year is in full swing, and as a companion piece to my last post from 2014, where I listed my favorite pieces of media from the previous year, I thought it only fitting to name what’s got me most excited for 2015. Just like before, I’m listing the movie, book, television show, comic, video game, and sports event/moment that I’m most eagerly anticipating within the coming year. And also just like before, not every last one of these are being released for the first time in 2015, but this year will be the first time that I experience them.

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Best of 2014

I’ve been brainstorming an end of the year piece to put up here for weeks now, because if there was ever a year that deserved some special reflection on my part, it was definitely 2014. The past year was maybe the most memorable of life; I can’t think of another where I had as much fun as I did, where I enjoyed as many accomplishments as I did, and when I grew as I much as I did.

At the same time, I know the time and place to get emotional, and this isn’t it. No one wants to read me pour my heart out like a melodramatic actor, that’s what my fiction is for! Instead, I wanted to do something a little more fun and nifty as my way to close out 2014 on my page here, and it was just a few days ago that I came up with the perfect idea—my picks for my favorite pieces of entertainment throughout the year. These are the stories and moments that made me smile the broadest, and kept my imagination stirring for the longest.  Not all of these picks were necessarily released this year, as you’ll learn with my choice for my favorite book (my reading list is far too long to keep up with recently-released books), but instead were what I indulged in at some point throughout 2014.

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