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One project I’ve regrettably kept quiet about around here is a website called The Geekiverse, which my good friend Josiah LeRoy launched in 2014. Josiah and I have been best friends since we were Freshman in high school (which seems way too darn long ago now), so he knows as well as anyone my love of movies, comics, video games, and television, which is what the Geekiverse does all of its coverage about. As I was deep into the second book for my high fantasy trilogy The Luminous Legend, Josiah tried repeatedly to recruit me as a part-time contributor to his website, but I just didn’t feel comfortable committing to it while I was still working on that second novel.

Once Book 2 was out of the way, and I felt like I was capable of managing my time properly, I took the plunge and started writing here and there for The Geekiverse. I started primarily with coverage of Nintendo video games, which Josiah sought for me, anyway, but I’ve branched out since then, whipping up various movie reviews and previews. I’ve got a couple of my movie reviews now listed on the Nonfiction Work page here on the Pad, and I plan to update that as I continue to write more pieces for The Geekiverse.

Recently, The Geekiverse launched a Youtube channel, and we’ve had a lot of fun with that. The crew has its own studio that we shoot in on a near-weekly basis, filming short discussions between the different writers and contributors about all of the hot topics in the world of movies, video games, comics, and television. I’ve been lucky to participate in a number of those, including hosting a segment where we previewed MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles, a show based on the long-running high fantasy series by author Terry Brooks.

There’s a link below to both the website itself and its Youtube page; I really hope you take the time to check both out and start following us. We have a really great crew running the show over there; whether it’s Marvel, DC, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Star Wars, Star Trek, cartoons, we’ve got just about all bases covered, so if it’s ‘geeky’ and you’re a fan of it, we probably put it in the spotlight at some point or another.

The Geekiverse

The Geekiverse on Youtube

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