At Long Last

It’s been a long time coming, but one of my short stories was finally produced as an audio story for the podcast Anthropomorphic Dreams

I wrote the story over two years ago, and the podcast unfortunately had a few issues with the original narrator, so it kind of sat in limbo for a good while. Thankfully, things turned out well in the end, and it was officially put up on their website just a couple short weeks ago.

The story centers around a group of sled dogs in Alaska, and yes, it’s one of those stories where the animals talk and think like humans and all that. Just think of a it as a Disney movie, or something like Balto. A link to the podcast is listed below for those who would like to listen to it.

Otherwise, I recently whipped up a couple of pieces for SabresHockeyCentral before the NHL regular season concluded (and the Sabres missed the playoffs…again…)

The first was a feature editorial detailing how the team performed without superstars Jason Pominville and Thomas Vanek, entitled “Quietly Going About Their Business”

The second was a countdown listing what I chose as the five most memorable games from the shortened season

Alongside all of that, I’ve made plenty of progress with my first novel. If all goes right, I’ll have the first draft completed by next week. I’ll have updates on it as things continue, so be on the lookout for another excerpt, and definitely news on the artwork which will be included in the book. I’ve been lucky enough to find a very talented artist who will be on board to do the cover for my books, along with illustrations throughout the story. Things are definitely getting exciting!

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