One of those weeks

Whenever I hear someone say that they had the best weekend or the best week ever, I always think of that Hey Arnold! Episode “The List”, where Arnold attempts to spend the perfect Saturday doing everything a kid loves to do; eat sugary cereal and watch cartoons all morning, bike down the biggest hill in the city, play baseball with every kid in the park etc.

I’ve always anticipated certain weekends, weeks and even vacations as being the “best ever” because of all the things I had planned for them. Of course, just like Arnold’s plans in that episode (for those who remember) many of the, didn’t go as well as I had hoped.

But last week was absolutely one of the best of my life.

It all started with Easter Sunday, which in my family may as well be more important than Christmas; there’s an extra buzz to Easter when you’re a raucous Polish family, I suppose. This year we got 27 of us all together at my house to celebrate, which included a ridiculous amount of food and, yes, booze. In all we were only missing a handful of family members from my dad’s side of the family, so to have that many of us all partying at once was really special.

The next day was even more fun. When you’re Polish and you live in Western New York, the day after Easter isn’t April Fools Day; it’s Dyngus Day, the Polish equivalent to St. Patty’s Day where you wear red and white, drink a lot, dance to polka, and the girls occasionally smack the guys with pussy willows. Most people probably know it as the holiday that Anderson Cooper made fun of last year, but trust me when I say that we Pollacks know have to have a darn good time. I spent almost the entire day out with my family and friends, threw back a few beers with them, and polka’d my butt off with the prettiest gal I know.

I also got to meet two of the Buffalo Sabres at separate autograph signings. Wednesday was really special for me because I finally met Ryan Miller in person. Miller’s been my favorite athlete for years now and I’ve always loved watching him play in net, both for the Sabres and when he tore it up at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Then on Saturday I went to meet Cody Hodgson, the 23 year old center for the Sabres. It’s always kind of funny when you think that you’re meeting a kid just a few months older than yourself and treating him as a celebrity, but I’ve got a ton of respect for Cody after the great season he’s had with the team, and the fact that he may very well become a star in the NHL within a couple years’ time.

On top of all of that, I got a ton of writing done last week. I finally reached the 50,000 word and 100 page plateaus for my novel, and I’m nearing its completion every day I get a little more work done. It’s been a ton of fun so far and I’m really liking the way that the story is turning out; I feel that my action is gripping, I love the dialogue I’m creating between the characters, and I’m especially enjoying the way that my characters are progressing over the course of the book. And this is just the first of three books!

So that’s what entails a best week ever for me—family, friends, polka, drinking, writing and hockey. I have an awesome life.

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