A Couple Updates

Nothing too extensive this week. If you look at the site’s header, you’ll see a new tab entitled “Articles”, where you’ll now find some of my favorite journalistic pieces that I’ve written over the years. If you’re not interested in hockey or video games they probably won’t interest you too much, but hey, that’s what I’ve loved writing about all these years.

I’ll be sure to update that any time I get another piece published somewhere. I have a couple pieces about the Buffalo Science Museum and Buffalo Zoo that I wrote a class this semester that I’d like to showcase somewhere. And at some point I’ll shorten the hyperlinks listed there now that I’ve finally learned how to code them here on WordPress.

I also have one or two additions to the Short Fiction page. I finally listed the first mixed martial arts story I ever wrote, and I added some brief details behind an upcoming short story which will be made into an audio story sometime this winter.

In the meantime, I’m busy beyond words. Working retail during the holidays is one thing, but college has absolutely kicked my butt this semester. Thank God I’m two class days and 1 exam away from being done for a month and a half’s worth of winter break.

I’m also making great progress with my novel, the first in a high fantasy trilogy I’m working on. I’m about 40-45% of the way done, and should hit the halfway point before the end of the year. I’ve written some excellent scenes in the last few weeks, especially the ones with all of the action and fighting–those have turned out to be really high energy. I’m excited to proceed onward with the story and I’m positive that it’s going to turn out great.

I’ll have something more interesting to post next week, promise. ‘Til then, it’s back to writing, for me.

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